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Friday, April 25, 2008

LIquid Car Polish


liquid car polish
Chemical Name, Trade Name - weight% - function


1. 1000 cSt Silicone Oil, DC 200 Fluid- 5.0 shine agent
2. Carnauba wax 1.50 wax
3. Oleic acid 1.50 emulsifier
4. Schercemol IDO 12.00 shine agent/solvent


5. Deionized water 69.65 diluent
6. Permulen 1622 Polymer 0.25 rheology Modifier/Emulsifier
7. Morpholine 1.60 neutralizer
8. C12-15 Ethoxylated Alcohol 7-EO,
Tomadol 25-7 0.40 co-emulsifier


9. Kaolin clay, Kaopolite SF 8.00 abrasive
10. Kathon CGII 0.10 preservative

Pemulen®* 1622 Polymer imparts vertical cling properties, excellent wetting and improves durability and water resistance. These properties improve the durability and performance of the formulation and increase the convenience for the consumer.

Schercemol™* IDO
provides shine and solvency to the formula.

1. Mix components in Part A and heat to 85°C
2. Mix components in Part B and heat to 50°C
3. Add A to B with mixing
4. When homogeneous, cool and add C with mixing.

Supplier References:

Dow Corning (1)
Lubrizol (4,6)
Tomah (8)
Kaopolite, Inc. (9)
Rohm and Haas (10)

Source: Noveon

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