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Friday, May 9, 2008

Automatic Dishwash Rinse Aid (Formula #1)


Synperonic LFRA surfactants (Fatty Alcohol EO/PO adductsof proprietary formula) have been selected to give a wetting and defoaming properties. The blend properties can be altered by varying the ratio of wetting (LFRA 30) and defoaming (LFRA 260) ingredients.

Surfadone LP-100 acts in combination with the nonionic blend to greatly reduce the surface tension of the formulation when dispersed in aueous solution, and hence improve the potenrial of this solution to form a continuous thin film on the surface of the rinsed items, This in turn reduces the drying time, and helps to reduce the amount of streaking and smearing seen on the dried articles. Surfadone LP-100 has no effect on the amount caused by the formulation.

Sodium Cumene Sulphonate acts as a Hydrotrope, to ensure that the cloud point of the formulation is high enough to prevent separation occulting under warm conditions.

The formula table (screenshot) is posted below.

Automatic Dishwash Rinse Aid (Formula #1) Formula Table


Charge the mixer with the deionized water and commence stirring.
Add the ingredients in the order listed above with stirring, mix until homogenous. Note: The level of Sodium Cumene Sulphonate has been selected to give a cloud point of around 45C, but this can be altered by changing the level of SCS used.


ICI Surfactants Americas - Synperonic LFRA 30, LFRA 260
ISP – Surfadone LP 100
Albright & Wilson Americas – Eltesol SC40

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