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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Automatic Dishwashing Gel with Chlorine Bleach (Formula #1)


Carbopol®* 676 Polymer provides reduced splashing, suspension of insoluble particles and improved cup retention to this automatic dishwashing gel formulation. These features increase the performance of the formulation and provide convenience to the consumer.

Chemical Name
Weight %
Deionized water
Carbopol® 676 Polymer
Rheology Modifier
Dowfax 6CL
Sodium carbonate
Sodium silicate (47%)
Sodium tripolyphosphate
Disinfectant Builder
Sodium hypochlorite (12.5% AvCl2)



1. Add the hydrotrope, sodium carbonate and sodium silicate to a portion of the water. Mix until homogeneous. The product will become very thick at this point. Add the sodium hydroxide with continued mixing.
2. Slowly add the sodium tripolyphosphate. Mix until there are no visible particles. Heating to 50-60°C will speed this process.
3. Screen the Carbopol® polymer into the vortex of a second portion of rapidly agitating water (approximately 800 rpm). Allow to mix until homogeneous and free of polymer lumps.
4. Add the Carbopol® polymer dispersion to the inorganic salt dispersion with adequate mixing.
5. Check the pH and adjust to greater than 12.50 with sodium hydroxide, if necessary. Reduce the agitation speed and add the chlorine bleach.
6. Add surfactant, color and fragrance, as desired. Cool the product to below 30°C to avoid excessive bleach decomposition.

Supplier References:

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.—Carbopol 676
Dow ChemicalDowfax 6CL

Source: Noveon

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