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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gelled Chlorine Bleach


Chemical Name,
Trade Name
Weight %
Deionized water
Carbopol® 676 Polymer
Rheology Modifier
Oxy-Rite 100 Rheology Stabilizer
Rheology Stabilizer
Neutralizing Agent
Sodium Hypochlorite (12.5% AvCl)
Chlorine Bleach

Carbopol®* 676 polymer provides shear thinning rheology and increases fabric contact time for increased ease of use and cleansing performance in this formulation. Oxy-Rite®* 100 rheology stabilizer provides increased product stability and shelf-life. These features improve the overall performance and quality of the formulation. This formulation is well suited for controlled application products.
1. Using moderate agitation (800 rpm) provided by a Lightnin’ Mixer or similar variable speed unit and an impeller suitable for general mixing and blending operations, disperse or screen the Carbopol® polymer into the DI water. Mix the slurry until the slurry is homogeneous.
2. With slow mixing, add the Oxy-Rite® 100 rheology stabilizer.
3. Continue mixing and add the sodium hydroxide until the desired pH is obtained. For maximum stability, the pH of chlorine bleach systems should be greater than 12.50.
4. Reduce the agitation speed and add the chlorine bleach.
5. Add fragrance, as desired.
Supplier References:
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc. - Carbopol® 676 Polymer and Oxy-Rite 100 Rheology Stabilizer
Source: Noveon
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