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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ultra Fabric Softener with Accosoft 501


“This ultra fabric softener is for use in the rinse cycle of the wash load. It provides excellent softening and static control while maintaining the rewet properties of the fabric.

% by Weight
Tap Water
CaCl2, 25% soln


Charge 100F water. Heat Accosoft 501 to 100F. Slowly add heated Accosoft 501 to the water while mixing. Try to add at least 80% of the quat. Add 1/3 – ½ CaCl2 solution to reduce the viscosity of the dispersion. Add the rest of the quat. Add additional CaCl2 to reach desired viscosity.

Instructions for use:

Use 1 oz. in rinse cycle per normal wash load

Note: The final viscosity of a liquid fabric softener depends on temperature, mixing rate, and pH. The viscosities listed above are those obtained in the lab. Calcium chloride can be used to reduce viscosity. Fabric softeners made with an Accosoft product are non-yellowing, control static, and maintain rewet properties of the fabric.

ACCOSOFT® 501 - A fabric softener quaternary for use in household and commercial products. It can be used in a full range of dispersion concentrations with excellent storage stability and easy formulation. It offers good rewet and is non-yellowing.

Source: Stepan Company

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