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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Waxless Car Wax / Polish



Not all car wax contains wax, just like a tin foil which does not contain tin. Car waxes (polish) are used as the last step in car polishing operation to bring to the depth and shine of paint. Emulsified silicone fluids are usually added to the car polish to add durability to the finished. The following formula is a no-wax spray and wipe polish formulation intended to provide good gloss to an automotive surface.

Ingredients Weight % Trade Name/Supplier
Phase A Dow Corning 346 Emulsion 6.00 Dow Corning
Phase B Water 90.00

Veegum Pro 0.80 R.T. Vanderbilt, Co.

Kaopolite AB 0.20 Kaopolite, Inc.
Phase C Kaopolite SF 3.00 Kaopolite, Inc.


1) Blend components of Phase B (thickening water first) until uniform.
2) Add Phase A and mix until uniform.
3) Add Phase C and mix lightly until uniform.

Typical Properties/ Additional Information

1) For improved durability, Dow Corning® 929 Cationic Emulsion may be added at 2-3 percent.
2) Other gum thickeners may be used.

Source: Dow Corning

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