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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anhydrous Makeup


Ingredients% Wt.
Phase A
Permethyl 102A (Presperse) (isoeicosane)37.20
Carnauba wax3.50
EnviroPure 301-310 (React-NTI)1.00
Propylparaben USP (ISP) (propylparaben)0.20
Phase B
Sericite PHN (Presperse) (mica)30.00
SP-29 UVS (Presperse) (bismuth oxychloride (and) silica (and) mica)3.00
Farona I-III (React-NTI)3.00
Titanium Dioxide 3328 (Whittaker) (titanium dioxide)7.00
Red Iron Oxide 7080 (Warner Jenkinson) (iron oxide)0.80
Yellow Iron Oxide 7055 (Warner Jenkinson) (iron oxide)0.60
Black Iron Oxide 7133 (Warner Jenkinson)0.30
Phase C
Amisol (Lucas Meyer) (lecithin (and) polysorate 20 (and) sorbitan laura)0.40


1. In a suitable vessel, combine all ingredients of Phase A and heat to 82ºC under Lightnin-type mixing.
2. In a separate vessel, combine Phase B in a ribbon-type blender to even dispersion.
3. Add Phase B to Phase A under Lightnin-type mixing; mix to uniformity.
4. Add Phase C and continue mixing.
5. Pour into appropriate containers at 70-75ºC.
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