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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Natural Toothpaste


Ingredients% Wt.
Phase A
Sorbitol 70%31.85
Glycerin 99%10.00
Mackol CAS-100N (McIntyre Group) (sodium cocosulfate)0.60
Phase B
CMC PH-6000 Powder (TIC) (cellulose gum)0.45
Phase C
Dicalcium phosphate dihydrate40.00
Farona I-III (React-NTI)5.00
Monoammonium glycyrrizinate0.30
Phase D
Sodium benzoate0.25
Phase E
Peppermint oil0.25
Spearmint oil0.10


1. In jacketed, stainless steel kettle equipped with in-tank homogenizer mixing and sweep agitation, combine Phase A materials and heat to 80-82ºC.
2. Under homogenization, add Phase B gum and disperse uniformly (batch will produce foam).
3. Add Phase C powders to batch with same sheet and continue homogenization until all powder has been incorporated.
4. Continue immediately with the additions of premixed Phase D until uniformly incorporated.
5. Switch to slow, sweep agitation and begin cooling batch slowly to 40-45ºC to remove any aeration.
6. At this temperature range, add Phase E.
7. Add water to batch and cool to 30-35ºC.
8. Compensate for water loss, then compare top and bottom samples to standard.
9. Finished product is a thick paste suitable for tube dispenser.
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