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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Furniture Polish


Carbopol EZ-2 Polymer provides suspension of insoluble ingredients and oils in this furniture polish formulation. These properties improve the overall stability and aesthetics of the product.

Raw Materials
Weight %
Part A - Deionized water91.10
Carbopol EZ-2 Polymer0.20
Part B - Cardis Wax 360.25
Hoechst Wax E
Oleic Acid0.08
Deionized water1.82
Part C - Silicone emulsion, SM21334.00
Silicone emulsion, SM2135 2.00


1. Prepare Part A. In a separate vessel disperse 0.20 parts Carbopol Clariant (5) polymer into the water by simply “dumping” it in. The polymer will GE (9,10) wet out in a few minutes. Add the triethanolamine and mix until homogeneous.

2. Prepare Part B. Melt the waxes to 90°C. Disperse the oleic acid into the hot wax and mix. Add the morpholine and mix. Heat the water to 90°C. Add the wax mixture to the water and cool quickly.

3. Add Part B to Part A. Mix until homogeneous.

4. Add each of the silicone emulsions from Part C with mild mixing. Previous Formulation HIT-530

5. Add color and fragrance, as desired.

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