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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ceramic-Glass Cooktop Cleaner


Ingredients % Wt.
Formasil 468 (Crompton Corp.)10.00
Ammonyx LO (Stepan) (lauramine oxide)11.90
Bio Soft-D-62 surfactant (Stepan) (sodium linear alkylate sulfonate)4.70
EnviroSolve Silver or Gold (React-NTI)1.00
Sodium citrate2.60
Isopropyl alcohol 2.00
Calcium carbonate42.20
Water 25.60


1. Combine all ingredients with constant stirring.

Directions for Use

Be sure cooktop is cool before cleaning. Apply to surface using a damp sponge and rub vigorously. Wipe away any excess. This cream scrub is easy to use and is specially formulated to gently clean your ceramic or glass cooktop while providing a protective fi lm that allows for the easy removal of burnt-on foods. Use daily to keep your cooktop easy to clean.

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