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Monday, December 1, 2008

Preservatives for Household, Industrial, and Institutional Chemicals, and more...


Integra 44 from ISP is a highly liquid biocide that prevents microbiological contamination in products such as hand soap, fabric softener, dishwashing detergent, waterless hand cleaners, paints, shampoos, eye creams, skin creams, and more.

Below are 5 sample formulations using Integra 44 biocide / preservatives, which includes liquid hand soap, liquid fabric softener, liquid dishwashing detergent, waterless hand cleaner,and polyvinyl acrylic latex paints

Water, deionized48.8
Sodium lauryl ether sulphate (28%)40.0
Alkateric CAB-O (Rhone-Poulenc)10.0
Surfadone LP-300 (ISP)1.0
Integra 440.2

Mix all ingredients into water until a clear gel forms. Warm 
as necessary to dissolve ingredients

Liquid Fabric Softener

Water, deionized93.35
Miranol DM (Miranol)3.00
Arquad 2HT 75 (AKZO)2.00
Surfadone LP-300 (ISP)1.00
Integra 440.40

Mix all ingredients until uniform.

Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

Water, distilled88.4
Alkylbenzene sulfonic acid7.3
Alkamide DC 212/S2.3
Integra 440.2

To water at room temperature add alkylbenzene sulfonic acid and NaOH with agitation. Mix thoroughly. Add Alkamide DC 212/S. Add NaCI. Adjust pH to 9.2 using 10% NaOH. Add Integra 44

Waterless hand Cleaner

Water, distilled49.00
Isopar® M (Exxon)25.00
Sodium hydroxide (10% aqueous)7.50
Emersol® 233LL (Emery)7.50
Surfadone® LP-300 (ISP)3.00
lgepal® CO-730 (Rhone Poulenc)3.00
Carnation® mineral oil (Carnation)2.50
Propylene glycol1.50
Antaron® V-216 (ISP)0.50
Lanolin, USP0.10
Integra 440.40


Phase A Combine water, sodium hydroxide, and propylene glycol and mix until homogeneous. Phase B In a separate vessel gently heat Isopar M, Emersol 233LL, mineral oil, Surfadone LP-300, Antaron V-216, and lanolin to 35-40°C. Use continuous mixing until homogeneous. Add to Phase A and continue mixing. Add Igepal CO-730, Cool to 25-30°C, cover and let stand overnight.

Polyvinyl Acrylic Latex Paints

Ethylene Glycol1.71
Ucar Filmer IBT0.85
PAG 1880.34
Cellosize QP-15,00019.21
Colloid 1110.51
Tergitol NP-100.26
Ti-Pure R-93118.78
Satintone No.l9.39
Snowflake White10.24
UCAR Latex 36725.70
Integra 440.50


Blend half the recommended quantity of water with everything but UCAR Latex 367 and Integra 44. Once materials have been adequately agitated, add the remaining water, UCAR Latex 357 and Integra 44. Disperse at high speed. 

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