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Monday, October 19, 2009

Liquid Cleanser with Bleach


Prototype Formulation

Ingredients% by weight
Magnesium Aluminum Silicate
NaOH, 50% solution1.0
Commodity NaOCl, 12.5% solution12.0
Sodium Dodecyl Diphenyl Oxide Disulfonate
(CALFAX® DB-452)
Calcium Carbonate


1. Sift the VAN GEL O into an established vortex in the water. Mix at maximum available shear until fully hydrated.
2. Slowly add the NaOH solution while mixing. Careful control of the mixing speed is required
during this step because the viscosity of the batch will increase. Mix until smooth.
3. Check the pH of the batch: it should be >pH 12. Reduce the mixing speed and slowly add the NaOCl.
4. Reduce the mixing speed to a minimum, then add the surfactant. Avoid air entrapment.
5. Slowly add the calcium carbonate and mix very slowly until homogeneous. Avoid air entrapment.

Note: The amount of NaOH in the formula is critical: percentages above or below that listed will be detrimental to the physical and/or bleach stability of the formula. Some of the other factors that can influence both the physical stability and bleach stability of this formula are: any factor that will accelerate bleach decomposition, e.g. metallic contaminants; the amount and source of the commodity bleach; the source of the caustic; the amount and type of surfactant; and the storage conditions of the finished product. It is recommended that the physical and bleach stability profile of this formula be verified.

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