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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wax Conditioner


This formulation produces a traditional high-wax-content polish, typically used by classic car owners. This polish is suitable for cleaned paintwork, but also can be used on wood dashboards and chrome bumpers. The silicone wax contributes to durability of the product, with the silicone resin aiding leveling characteristics.

automotive wax conditioner

% by weight
Low aromatic solvent 160/190°C
Low aromatic solvent 200/250°C
Carnauba wax
Paraffin wax
Dow Corning® 2-5088 Wax
Rocsol® C wax
Polyethylene wax AC 629
Dow Corning® 593 Fluid


1) Add all products to a vessel and heat to 110°C with slow-speed
stirring. Mix until uniform.

2) Cool to filling temperature.

Typical Properties/Additional Information
Suggestions for adjusting the formulation:

• To improve gloss: Incorporate 200® Fluid, 1,000 cs, instead of Dow Corning 593 Fluid
• To improve ease of use: Incorporate 1-3.0% 200 Fluid, 350 cs, or increase level of Dow Corning 593 Fluid
• To improve color intensity: Incorporate 0.5-1.0% 200 Fluid, 12,500 cs
• To improve durability: Increase level of Dow Corning 2-5088 Wax, reducing the level of the paraffin wax by the same amount, or incorporate Dow Corning® 536 Fluid or Dow Corning® 2-9118 Fluid as a replacement for Dow Corning 593 Fluid

Source: Dowcorning
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