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Monday, November 16, 2009

Ammonia-Free Floor Stripper


Ammonia solutions are used to clean, bleach, disinfect and deodorize.  But ammonia has pungent odor and toxic at high level.  The formulation below is ammonia-free.

Ammonia-Free Floor Stripper              Starting Point Formulation
Floor Stripper
Ingredients % by weight
TERGITOL™ QS-15 Surfactant 4.0
Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH 0.8
Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate, TKPP 20.0
Sodium Metasilicate (anhydrous) 0.4
Water 74.8

Click the image below to see their descriptions and uses.

Sodium Metasilicate ImageSodium Hydroxide ImageTetrapotassium Pyrophosphate ImageDow Logo

  • Economical
  • Ammonia-free
Dissolve NaOH in water. Then add TKPP and metasilicate and mix well. TRITON QS-15 should be added last.  
Use Instructions 
Dissolve 13 fluid ounces of the formulation in 1 gallon of water. Apply to the surface and let stand for 2 - 5 minutes. Rinse with clean water.  
On standing, the high builder concentration in this formulation may cause a slight haze, which is readily dispersed by agitation.

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Source:   Dow Chemicals
Images: Indiamart, ec21, made-in-china (dot)com  
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