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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Low Solvent Degreaser


Solvent degreasing is a process used to prepare a part for further operations such as electroplating or painting. Typically it uses petroleum, chlorine, or alcohol based solvents to dissolve the machining fluids and other contaminants that might be on the part.
Solvent degreasing is a process in which a cleaning agent is applied directly to the surface by spraying, brushing, or whipping. This process removes oil, grease, dirt, loose particles, and any other contaminates that may exist on the surface of the material. Source:

Low Solvent Degreaser
Starting Point Formulation

% by weight

TRITON™ XN-45S Surfactant
Hexyl CELLOSOLVE™ Solvent
Mineral Spirits
TRITON™ H-66 Surfactant
TRITON™ X-102 Surfactant

  • Low Solvent Formulation
  • Effective for Cosmoline Removal
  • High Viscosity Formulation
Preparation Mix the ingredients in the order listed.

Use Instructions Use as prepared.  

Source:  Dow Chemicals

Image: Directindustry

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